is an amazing perfume when you like to dress in a new style

With brutus  parfum Enjoy a world of Fragrances that make you swim in the seas of love.

no elegance is possible without perfume

Our Classes

  • Its Notes made for a modern Men And Woman who ruled scent ruled the hearts.
  • Top notes are Pineapple and Hyacinth.
  • Middle notes are Pink Pepper, iris and Jasmine.
  • Base notes are Musk, Amber, Vetiver, Patchouli and Vanille.
  • it’s a mix of an energetic fragrance for the men and woman who wears it when they wants to be more elegant and self-confident.
    • has a unique bottle and, hides inside it a fragrance composed with a vision of light at the heart of the desert.
    • it’s strong and beautiful.




mesmerized and mad about you deeply

let them express their feeling towards you

engulfing deeply

Get more closer to your loved ones and invade them


Brutusparfum presents a couture collection of stylish, invigorating and inspiring scents for the modern man and a collection of glamorous, indulgent and irresistible designer for every woman.

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